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05 July 2017


Today we have something special for you! Song that only few people heard... "Bloody Rain" - only ballad on the album "Revival"! :) We invite you to listen, and if you like it - to donate our album on OdpalProjekt.pl portal (remember, project lasts until the end of July).



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17 September 2018
Dear friends, it's been a year since our album "Revival" appeared! The premiere took place during the "Hanysy 2017" Motorcycle Rally in Pszów and it was a concert that we
04 December 2017
Our adventure with "Dziki Tur" (Percival Schuttenbach Tour) has already ended! As part of the tour, we played in Łódź, Zabrze, Bielsko-Biała and Kraków. Big thanks to all bands we
18 October 2017
Warning! Important announcement! 16th November Percival Schuttenbach starts their new tour. Why do we inform about it? First of all - we like Percival;). Secondly - we will also be
06 September 2017
We are happy to announce that our album "Revival" is now on Spotify! From now, anyone who has access to this very popular music player can listen to us at
02 September 2017
September 1 was premiere of our first album "Revival". We performed premiere concert in Pszów (Poland) on Motorcycle Rally "Hanysy 2017" - exactly in the same place where we played
22 August 2017
Dear Friends, it's time to announce date and place of the release of our album "Revival"! It will take place September 1, 2017 during the Motorcycle Rally "Hanysy 2017" on
31 July 2017
Dear Friends! Our project on crowdfunding portal OdpalProjekt.pl is completed.  Thanks to you we collected up to 2100 PLN! This amount will help us very much in release of our
27 July 2017
Dear Friends, we're very pleased to announce that we have just started working with Art of the Night Productions record label! The label has collaborated with such bands as Helroth,
10 July 2017
To media patrons of our album joined another - "Reflektor. Rozświetlamy Kulturę" - a nationwide, independent polish magazine from Katowice. Of course, please visit our patron's website: www.rozswietlamykulture.pl.   We're very
10 July 2017
We are very pleased to announce that we already have final versions of songs from "Revival"! Thus, the CD is ready for release. Great thanks to Jarek Toifl for a

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